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Kids-specific daypacks are usually between 12 to 18 litres, perfect for young adventurers aged 4 to 14.

If you’re heading to the rainforests or highlands of Malaysia, the right gear is crucial. Selecting the right junior hiking gear is crucial for a family outing.

When picking children’s outdoor bags, think about comfort, durability, and safety. The HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack stands out. It has advanced tracking features for safety.

This means parents can track their children wherever they go, making Malaysia hikes with kids stress-free.

Key Takeaways

  • Kids-specific daypacks typically range between 12 to 18 litres, suitable for ages 4 to 14.
  • Choosing age-appropriate hiking gear ensures comfort and safety for young adventurers.
  • The HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack offers advanced tracking capabilities for parent peace of mind.
  • Backpacks like REI Co-op and Osprey provide excellent options for Malaysia hiking with kids.
  • It’s essential to select durable outdoor bags capable of withstanding various terrains and weather conditions.

Introduction to Kids’ Hiking Backpacks

Nurturing a love for the outdoors is key in many Malaysian families’ lives. Finding the best hiking gear is important. Kids’ hiking backpacks are made for comfort, safety, and practical use. These specialised backpacks meet young hikers’ physical needs, making their outdoor trips much better.

For tough treks like the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, having the right backpack is crucial. The HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack gives peace of mind to parents. It lets them easily keep an eye on their child. This feature makes hiking safer for families, so kids can enjoy exploring.

Knowing the right size for a hiking backpack is vital. For very young hikers, around age 3, an 8-litre backpack is best. This size lets them carry what they need without it being too much.

Older kids, around age 5 and up, are good with 18-22 litre daypacks. These are great for short walks. For overnight trips, don’t get a backpack bigger than 24 litres. This keeps the weight manageable. For multi-day trips, packs of 30-40 litres are perfect for kids 7 and older. They can carry their things comfortably and safely.

Backpacks with a hip belt that distributes weight well are the best choice. This way, their shoulders and back won’t get too tired.

Kids should always carry water when hiking. Toddler trail bags with water bottle holders are a great idea. It’s also smart to pack their favourite snacks and some Band-Aids. This keeps their energy up and deals with any small injuries. Then, your adventure can go smoothly and be a lot of fun.

Choosing a good youth backpack can make hiking a great experience for children. It teaches them to love nature and enjoy time with their family.

Top Brands for Kids’ Hiking Backpacks

REI Co-op, Deuter, and Osprey are top picks for kids’ hiking backpacks. They are known for creating quality gear specifically for children. These brands are excellent for the varied trails of Malaysia.

REI Co-op

REI Co-op is famous for its tough and long-lasting backpacks for kids. The Tarn 12 and Tarn 18 are great for different age groups. The Tarn 12 is perfect for kids ages 4 to 8, holding 12 litres. The Tarn 18 fits older kids, with a bigger 18-litre capacity.

These packs have comfy straps, adjustable belts, and pockets for water bottles. This makes them great for kids who love to explore. REI Co-op’s products are both comfy and practical.


Deuter is also well-known for its high-quality kids’ gear, especially backpacks. They offer a range, starting with the 5-litre Deuter Pico for ages 2-4. For kids 5-8, the 18-litre Deuter Junior is a popular choice. Deuter is praised for its smart, light designs, ideal for young adventurers.


Osprey is a top contender too, with models like the Hydrajet 12 and Jet 18. The Hydrajet 12, perfect for young hikers, has a place for a water bladder. This keeps the wearer comfortable.

The Jet 18 is for bigger kids and small adults, featuring Osprey’s known durability. These backpacks come with slots for water bladders, making refills easy and preventing leaks from drenching the gear.

Brand Model Age Range Capacity Weight
REI Co-op Tarn 12 4-8 12L 12 oz
REI Co-op Tarn 18 8+ 18L 17 oz
Deuter Pico 2-4 5L 7 oz
Deuter Junior 5-8 18L 14.8 oz
Osprey Hydrajet 12 4-12 12L 0.84 lbs
Osprey Jet 18 8+ 18L 1.32 lbs

Key Features to Look for in Kids’ Hiking Backpacks

Choosing a hiking backpack for your child is key to their comfort and enjoyment outdoors. Look for certain features:


Adventure-ready backpacks must be tough. REI Co-op and Osprey backpacks are known for lasting a long time. Kids can use them for years without them looking worn. This makes REI a great choice for your child’s hiking adventures.


Comfort is essential for kids’ backpacks. They need padded straps and ergonomic designs. These ensure kids can carry their gear easily. Adjustable straps help fit different sizes, and products like Osprey Hydrajet offer excellent breathability for long treks.

Water Reservoir Integration

Don’t forget a way for your child to stay hydrated. Choose backpacks that work with hydration bladders. Internal pockets for the bladders make it easy for kids to drink during hikes in hot weather.

Easy-Access Pockets

Backpacks should be practical too. They need external pockets easy for kids to use. These pockets help kids grab snacks or other essentials quickly. They’re designed to be easily used by children.

Backpack Capacity (litres) Age Range Durability Comfort Hydration Solutions Price ($)
REI Co-op Tarn 12 12 4-8 High Ergonomic Compatible 40
REI Co-op Tarn 18 18 8+ High Ergonomic Compatible 45
Osprey Hydrajet 12 12 4-8 High Superior Venting Integrated 42
Osprey Jet 18 18 8+ High Superior Venting Integrated 50

Pick backpacks focusing on durability, comfort, staying hydrated, and ease of use. These features keep your child safe and happy during hikes. The HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack is also a great pick for parents who want to keep an eye on their child as it has tracking technology.

Best Overall: REI Co-op Tarn 12 and 18

The REI Co-op Tarn 12 and 18 backpacks are perfect picks for young adventurers and their families. They mix comfort, durability, and ease of use. These features make them ideal for exploring Malaysia’s stunning trails.

REI Co-op Tarn 12 Features

The Tarn 12 is just right for kids aged 4 to 8. It’s light and carries 12 litres, perfect for their hiking essentials. It includes:

  • Padded shoulder straps and adjustable waist belts make for a comfy fit.
  • External water bottle pockets are handy for keeping hydrated.
  • It has a roomy zippered compartment and a front stuff pocket.
  • Made from nylon, it’s tough and long-lasting.

REI Co-op Tarn 18 Features

For kids aged 8 to 12, the Tarn 18 is a great choice. With an 18-litre space, it can carry more for longer hikes in Malaysia. It boasts:

Feature Detail
Capacity 18 liters
Weight 17 ounces when empty
Hydration Compatibility Holds reservoirs up to 1.5 liters
Pockets It has a large compartment, front pocket, and also a front stuff pocket
Additional Features Includes two water bottle pockets, adjustable straps, and hip belt
Construction It is made of durable nylon
Warranty There’s a one-year warranty on all REI items

Why Choose REI Co-op Tarn

The REI Co-op Tarn range is great for family hikes in Malaysia. It’s designed with young explorers in mind. Not only is it comfortable but also very durable for all kinds of trails.

They tested these backpacks on hikes over two miles with snacks, sunscreen, a jacket, and drinks inside. Parents are happy with them for their quality and long-lasting performance. Plus, REI offers a one-year warranty for peace of mind.

Choosing the REI Co-op Tarn 12 or 18 means giving kids gear that’s more than functional. It helps them enjoy hiking, fostering a love for nature within Malaysian families.

Upgrade Pick: Osprey Hydrajet 12 and Jet 18

For young hikers looking to step it up, the Osprey Hydrajet 12 and Jet 18 are top picks. They bring together function and quality in a great way. These packs are a step up, balancing toughness and new tech at a higher price.

Osprey Hydrajet 12 Features

The Osprey Hydrajet 12 is made for adventure. It holds 12 litres, like the REI Co-op Tarn 12, but better. It has an outside pocket for bladders, making spills less messy. Plus, it has a whistle on the chest strap for safety.

Osprey Jet 18 Features

The Osprey Jet 18 is built for bigger kids. It mirrors adult packs, with tech like good suspension and airflow. This 18-litre pack fits older kids well and has many pockets. It’s light and tough, ready for big adventures.

Pros of Osprey Hydrajet and Jet

  • Superior Comfort: They’re super comfy, with padded straps and cool airflow systems.
  • Durability: Made to last, Osprey packs use top-notch materials.
  • External Bladder Pocket: Keeps your stuff dry, important for kids’ water systems.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Osprey backs their gear with a solid guarantee for repairs or swaps.

Considerations for Osprey Packs

Yes, Osprey packs for kids cost a bit more. But, that extra cost gets you better comfort, more toughness, and a promise to last. If you want great gear for young adventurers, the Osprey Hydrajet 12 and Jet 18 are the way to go.

Feature Hydrajet 12 Jet 18
Capacity 12 litres 18 litres
Bladder Pocket External External
Suitable Age 4 to 8 years 8+ years
Additional Features Sternum strap whistle buckle Advanced suspension, superior ventilation
Price Point Higher than REI Co-op Tarn 12 Higher than REI Co-op Tarn 18

Budget-Friendly Options for Kids’ Hiking Backpacks

Heading into the wild with your kids? You don’t have to break the bank for quality children’s hiking bags. We’ll look at three options that are both affordable and durable. These picks will make every family trip in Malaysia fun and budget-smart.

Deuter Junior

The Deuter Junior is perfect for those looking for great backpacks at a low price. It’s 18 litres, perfect for kids aged 5 to 10. With a sturdy build and a fit that’s just right, it lets young explorers carry their stuff easily. It’s ideal for any hike, short or long.

High Sierra Tangent

Looking for a deal? The High Sierra Tangent should be on your list. It has 16 litres, a good size for kids 8 to 14. It combines affordability with handy features like lots of pockets and comfy straps. These make every hike comfortable and neat.

Gregory Icarus

Want a top-notch choice that doesn’t cost a fortune? The Gregory Icarus is a winner. It holds 20 litres, great for older kids needing more space. This backpack fits well and comes with a rain cover, ready for the unpredictable Malaysian rain.

Backpack Model Capacity Ideal Age Group Key Features
Deuter Junior 18L 5-10 years Durable, Comfortable
High Sierra Tangent 16L 8-14 years Multipurpose Storage, Padded Straps
Gregory Icarus 20L 10+ years Adjustable, Rain Cover Included

Toddler Trail Bags: Best Backpacks for the Youngest Hikers

Choosing the right backpack for toddlers is crucial for their safety and comfort. In Malaysia, a place with lots of outdoor fun, it’s key to find good gear. The CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. and Deuter Pico are great choices for young hikers. They both provide useful features for kids who love to explore.

CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E.

The CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. is perfect for toddlers taking their first steps on trails. It has a 1.5-litre Crux reservoir, ensuring your child stays hydrated. It also includes a safety whistle and reflective accents for extra safety. This backpack is ideal for children between 4 and 8 years old, making it a top choice for toddler hiking packs.

Deuter Pico

The Deuter Pico is a good choice for toddlers aged 2 to 5. It’s compact and light, with a 5-litre capacity, perfect for short walks. Its ergonomic design and padded straps guarantee comfort. With bright colours and accessible pockets, it’s a fun and useful pick for little adventurers.

  • Recommended for ages 4 to 8 years: 12-litre capacity backpacks like the CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E.
  • Recommended for ages 2 to 5 years: 5-litre capacity backpacks like the Deuter Pico.
  • Durability: Both backpacks are made with tough materials for many outdoor trips.
  • Safety: They have bright, reflective elements and safety whistles that are easy to reach.

When looking for toddler hiking packs, think about safety, comfort, and strength. The CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. and Deuter Pico are great in Malaysia. They offer dependable gear for young hikers to stay comfortable and happy outdoors. The HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack is also great for parents. It has advanced tracking to keep children safe on their adventures.

Backpack Sizes and Age Recommendations

Finding the right backpack size for your child’s age and build is key. It ensures comfort and prevents back strain. This way, hiking on Malaysia’s trails becomes fun for the family.

For Ages 2-4

Kids aged 2-4 should have a backpack that’s 4-5 litres and weighs 200g to 300g. This size is great for carrying small items without being too heavy. Here are some good choices:

  • CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E.: Fits well and easy to use.
  • Deuter Pico: Light and perfect for little ones.

For Ages 5-8

Ages 5-8 benefit from a 10-15 litre backpack for essentials like a jacket and snacks. It’s crucial the backpack weighs no more than 10% of the child’s weight. Here are some top options:

  • Osprey Jet 18: Great for kids 5-10, balancing space and comfort.
  • Vaude Tuka 26: With size adjustability for growing children.

For Ages 9-15

For those 9-15, consider a 20-28 litre backpack. They shouldn’t carry more than 10% of their weight. Good choices for this age include:

  • Meru Meruli: A strong choice for bigger loads.
  • REI Co-op Tarn 12 and 18: Well-built and comfy for any adventure.
Age Group Recommended Backpack Volume Examples
2-4 years 4-5 litres CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E., Deuter Pico
5-8 years 10-15 litres Osprey Jet 18, Vaude Tuka 26
9-15 years 20-28 litres Meru Meruli, REI Co-op Tarn 12 and 18

Using this backpack fitting guide ensures kids have the right gear. This makes their outdoor trips fun and safe.

Customising Comfort: Straps and Adjustments

To keep young adventurers comfy, choose kids’ backpacks with adjustable straps. They let kids get a perfect fit. This avoids back pain and makes sure the weight is spread right. So, it’s key for parents to pick backpacks that keep their kids safe and sound on trips.

Ergonomic backpacks use both shoulder straps to stop the spine from tilting. This tilting can cause a lot of discomfort. Adjustable straps help the backpack fit well on the shoulders. They connect the hip belt to the top of the hip bones, making it more cosy.

A backpack shouldn’t be too heavy, maybe around 10 to 15% of a child’s weight. Too much weight can hurt muscles and bones, and it’s not good for posture. Kids’ backpacks often have extra straps to help spread the weight. This stops back and shoulder pain.

Wearing a backpack too low stresses the shoulders and back. It can be really painful. Making sure the backpack height is just right helps a lot. Adjustable straps for changing sizes keep the backpack useful for longer.

When kids try a backpack, they should wear what they usually do for hikes. They should also carry a bit of weight. This makes it easier to get the fit just perfect. Remember to check and fix the fit during the hike. This keeps it snug and comfy as they move and change weight.

Check out the HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack. It has adjustable straps and some clever safety bits. It makes both parents and kids happy. These backpacks help to keep the right amount of weight. This teaches good posture habits early on.

Adjustment Area Recommended Practice
Shoulder Straps Ensure both straps are used and adjusted for a snug fit.
Hip Belt Padding should hug the top of the hip bones.
Torso Length Optimise for back length rather than height.
Chest/Waist Straps Used to distribute weight evenly.
Weight Distribution Keep backpack weight to 10-15% of body weight.

Making straps adjustable and tweaking small details turns OK bags into the best for hikes. By picking the right kids’ backpacks with special features, parents can avoid pain and injury. Their young ones will thank them for the safe and comfy adventures.

Best for Growing Adventurers: Flexible and Adjustable Packs

It’s key to find adaptable hiking backpacks for kids. This ensures they’re comfortable as they explore Malaysian trails. Backpacks that grow with your gear mean you’re getting durable bags. These will be used for many years.

REI Workload Mini

The REI Workload Mini is perfect for smaller kids. It has adjustable straps, so it fits their changing bodies well. This means they’re comfortable on their hikes, always.

Osprey Ace 50

The Osprey Ace 50 is a top pick. It has many ways to adjust. With 50 litres of space and the ability to carry 30 pounds, it suits your child at every step of their hiking journey.

Deuter Fox 40

The Deuter Fox 40 is known for being adaptable and strong. It looks like an adult pack but is made for kids. It adjusts to growing torsos. Deuter built this pack to last through all sorts of adventures.

When selecting a adaptable hiking backpack for kids, make sure it will fit for years. A backpack that grows with your child lets the whole family enjoy going out on the trails. The lasting comfort means you can explore Malaysia’s trails together for a long time.

Hydration Options: Including and Integrating Water Bladders

Keeping kids hydrated when they hike in Malaysia is key to their well-being. It makes their hiking trip much better. Backpacks with special spots for water bladders or that you can add a bladder to make it easy to carry water without any fuss.

Included Hydration Bladders

Lots of hiking backpacks already have spots for you to put water bladders. Take the Osprey Skarab 30 for example, it’s super light at 2 lb. 0.2 oz. You can find it in sizes from 18 to 30 litres, which is perfect for kids. There’s also the Gregory Nano 18 H2O. It’s only 1 lb. 2.4 oz and comes with a 3L water holder. This is great for lightweight but good water storage options for children.

Compatibility with Separate Bladders

Then, some backpacks let you add your own water bladder. This lets you choose what size you need. For instance, the REI Co-op Flash 15 has a spot for a 1.75L water holder. It also has places to store things while you walk. If you’re looking for a bigger option, check out the Osprey Manta 34. It can take a 2.5L water bladder, which is good for longer walks.

Product Weight Capacity Reservoir Capacity
Osprey Skarab 30 2 lb. 0.2 oz. 18, 22, 30L 2.5L
Gregory Nano 18 H2O 1 lb. 2.4 oz. 18L 3L
REI Co-op Flash 15 14 oz. 15L 1.75L
Osprey Manta 34 3 lb. 7.8 oz. 24, 34L 2.5L

Having a good water system with you means kids can stay safe and happy outside. You can choose to have one built into the backpack or get a separate system. Either way, it makes hiking even more fun.

Choosing the Right Backpack Material for Malaysia’s Climate

To find the right backpack for Malaysia, we must look at which materials work best. Young explorers need to keep their items safe from the rain. They also need to be comfortable on hot, humid walks. So, choosing the right backpack materials is very important.

Water-Resistant Materials

In Malaysia, it rains often. So, picking weather-friendly gear for kids that is water-resistant is a must. Backpacks made of polyester and nylon are great as they keep rain out. This keeps everything inside the backpack dry, even in heavy rain.

Breathable Fabrics

The heat in Malaysia means backpacks should be made from breathable materials. Fabrics like mesh and light synthetics let air flow. This stops the sweat from making kids too hot and uncomfortable.

It’s important to find gear that both resists water and lets air through. A table below shows which materials do this best. It helps pick the best Malaysia climate gear for every adventure.

Material Water-Resistance Breathability Suitability
Polyester High Moderate Rainy and tropical hikes
Nylon High Low Wet climates
Mesh Low High Hot and humid conditions
Light Synthetics Moderate High Warm weather treks

Picking the right materials for your backpack means the weather won’t spoil the fun. Look for fabrics that are good against water and let air in. The HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack is a top pick. It’s designed to keep kids safe and comfy no matter the weather.


Choosing the right backpack for kids is crucial. It makes sure they’re comfortable and safe on family hikes in Malaysia. Great choices are the REI Co-op Tarn series and Fjallraven Kanken Mini. They are light but big enough and have important safety features such as reflective strips and whistle buckles. A good tip is to ensure the backpack is no heavier than 10-15% of the child’s weight. This reduces the risk of injury.

Backpacks made from eco-friendly materials are becoming more popular. This shows a bigger interest in protecting the planet. The North Face, for example, uses recycled materials in their backpacks. Other key features include durable materials and adjustable straps. These features help the backpack last longer and fit the child better as they grow.

For tech-savvy kids, backpacks with USB ports and solar panels are available. These backpacks also have many pockets for keeping items organised. The HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack is great for parents who want to keep track of their kids. It helps parents to know where their child is at all times.

Getting the right backpack can make kids love nature more. With the right backpacks, families in Malaysia can have great and safe adventures. Good backpacks fit well and offer useful features, making them important for young hikers.


What brands are best for kids’ hiking backpacks suitable for Malaysian trails?

For children’s hiking backpacks in Malaysia, REI Co-op, Deuter, and Osprey are top choices. These brands offer backpacks that are strong, comfy, and have smart designs. They match well with the various trails in Malaysia.

Why is it important to choose age-appropriate hiking backpacks for children?

Choosing the right kids’ hiking backpack is vital. It should fit their size and ability. This makes sure they’re safe and happy hiking. It also helps them love the experience.

What are the essential features to look for in a kids’ hiking backpack?

Durable materials and comfy design are key. Also, it’s great if the backpack can hold water. Don’t forget easy-to-use pockets. These features keep kids’ stuff safe and make the hikes more fun.

What makes the REI Co-op Tarn series suitable for young hikers in Malaysia?

The REI Co-op Tarn 12 and 18 backpacks are known for their comfort and lasting quality. They’re strong yet easy to use. That makes them perfect for families exploring Malaysia’s trails.

What should I consider before investing in an Osprey backpack for kids?

Thinking about your child’s needs is wise. The Osprey Hydrajet 12 and Jet 18 are pricey for good reason. Look at how often your child hikes and what they’ll need.

Are there budget-friendly children’s outdoor bags that still offer good quality?

There are affordable options like the Deuter Junior and others. They don’t cut back on quality. This makes exploring the outdoors in Malaysia easy on the pocket.

What are some good hiking backpacks for toddlers?

The CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. and Deuter Pico are great for toddlers. These backpacks are made with safety and size in mind. They’re just right for Malaysia’s weather and hikes.

How do I choose the right backpack size according to my child’s age?

Choosing a backpack size matching your child’s age and body is key. Toddlers to 4-year-olds need small packs. Older kids need bigger ones that can adjust as they grow.

Why is it important for children’s hiking backpacks to have customisable straps and adjustments?

Customisable straps and settings make a backpack fit just right. This avoids discomfort and keeps kids safe on the trail. It’s all about making the hike enjoyable and stress-free.

Are there hiking backpacks for children that can be adjusted as they grow?

Backpacks like the REI Workload Mini, Osprey Ace 50, and Deuter Fox 40 can change with your child. These packs can grow with them on their hiking adventures.

How important is hydration in kids’ hiking backpacks?

Kids need water on hikes. Some backpacks have a place for a water bladder. Others work with separate ones. Both ways help keep kids hydrated on their outdoor trips.

What backpack materials are ideal for Malaysia’s tropical climate?

For Malaysia, choose backpacks that are waterproof and let air through. This keeps things dry in the rain and stops kids from being too hot on the trail.
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