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Do you know all Skip Hop backpacks in Malaysia cost under RM200 each? This makes them a great choice for schools buying in bulk. Malaysia offers lots of affordable, stylish, and practical backpack options for kids. Schools and shops can save money by buying lots of backpacks at once.

Skip Hop and Trunki are popular brands with lots of designs for kids to love. Whether it’s a Narwhal, Lion, or Butterfly design, there’s something for everyone. Trunki even has fun ride-on luggage that kids and parents find exciting. Buying in bulk from Malaysian suppliers means getting a good deal on school bags.

Key Takeaways

  • 100% of Skip Hop backpacks in Malaysia are priced below RM200, offering excellent affordability.
  • Trunki backpacks, known for their unique ride-on design, are predominantly priced above RM300.
  • Malaysia is emerging as a key market for wholesale kids backpacks with popular brands like Skip Hop and Trunki.
  • Bulk purchases provide significant cost savings for schools and retailers.
  • A wide variety of themed designs cater to the diverse preferences of young students.
  • Consistent quality and comfort are guaranteed across wholesale purchases.

Introduction to Wholesale Kids Backpacks in Malaysia

More schools in Malaysia are turning to wholesale for kids backpacks. This move is financially smart and assures good quality. In places like Kuala Lumpur, top suppliers offer affordable school bags for young children and teenagers.

Backpacks are designed to pass strict safety tests. 98% have features meeting international standards, being both safe and dependable. These bags include adjustable straps in 85% of them, making it easier for kids to carry heavy books.

About 75% of these school bags are built to last. They are crafted from tough materials like oxford fabric or polyester. With the products from Kuala Lumpur children’s bag suppliers, these wholesale backpacks for toddlers are both practical and durable.

Alibaba.com is a key place to find wholesale school bags from across the globe. Over 90% of its sellers offer customisation. You can add your logo or unique designs, making your bags stand out.

Today, 30% of bags are made with the environment in mind, using green materials. There’s also a 20% market share for rolling bags. This shows a need for easier ways to carry school items.

In Malaysia, platforms like Shopify and Faire help with wholesale trade. They change how business-to-business sales work for the better. It’s important to consider the profit, season, and how often you need to restock. Setting a minimum order and aiming for a big profit are common strategies.

Buying affordable school bags in bulk from trusted Kuala Lumpur children’s bag suppliers ensures you get quality products. They are perfect for young students, helping them start their school days right.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Kids Backpacks

Getting kids’ backpacks in bulk has big pluses for schools in Malaysia. Buying lots at once means lower prices. This makes buying school stuff cheaper.

Cost Savings

Bulk buying is a great way to save money. It helps schools stick to their budgets. Groups like Backpacks for Kids in Toronto also support bulk charity donations. This cuts costs and helps kids in need.

Consistent Quality

Bulk buying means all the backpacks are the same top quality. Places like Bags in Bulk Canada have packs for every age. This means all students get a solid school bag. Charities can give the right bags to kids of all ages.

Benefit Details
Cost Savings Bulk purchases guarantee lower prices and efficient budget management.
Consistent Quality Uniform product quality is maintained, ensuring reliable and durable backpacks for all students.

Choosing bulk buys ensures great savings and quality. Schools can save money. They can also help students do well with top-notch school supplies.

Top Brands for Wholesale Kids Backpacks

Skip Hop and Trunki are top names in Malaysia for kids’ backpacks. They are known for being strong, safe, and fun. Kids love these brands because there is something for everyone, from the designs to their needs.

Skip Hop

Skip Hop’s backpacks are both cute and useful. Kids enjoy the Zoo range, which has fun animal designs. The backpacks are also safe and comfy, with padded straps, an area for snacks, and adjustable sizes. Buying Skip Hop in bulk is great since they often have special deals.


Trunki is famous for their innovative ride-on luggage. Their ToddlePak backpacks are known for being fun and durable. They are good for travel and school. Trunki backpacks spark children’s imagination, making them a special choice.

The HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack is perfect for safety-minded parents. It helps parents keep track of their child, offering peace and fun. This makes it a great choice, just like the Skip Hop and Trunki options.

Both Skip Hop and Trunki have something for every child. Whether for school or fun, these brands offer the best. Including them in your bulk buying means offering quality to your customers.

Popular Models Available for Wholesale

Wholesale educational supplies are a big deal for schools and stores. They can get top-notch children’s rucksacks in a variety of styles from brands like Skip Hop and Trunki.

  • The Skip Hop Zoo and Spark Style collections are hit with kids. They include fun bags with designs like a Narwhal, Lion, and Butterfly.
  • Trunki’s ToddlePak Backpacks and Ride-on Luggage, featuring Una the Unicorn and Cassie Cat, are loved for their looks and usability.

The company behind these bags has 11 years of experience. They promise quick delivery, from 7 to 15 days, depending on how many you order. They almost always have stock and can make up to 300,000 bags a month.

Every bag meets ISO 9001 quality standards. A team of 300 experts makes sure each bag is perfect, from the materials to the packaging. The company also cares a lot about making customers happy and delivering on time.

  1. Skip Hop Zoo Backpacks
  2. Skip Hop Spark Style
  3. Trunki ToddlePak
  4. Trunki Ride-on Luggage

Their costs are low because they have affordable labour. Buyers pay 30% upfront and the rest before shipment. This makes it easy for folks wanting to buy in bulk.

Let’s see what makes Skip Hop and Trunki special:

Brand Model Features Key Designs
Skip Hop Zoo Collection Animal-themed, Vibrant, Spacious Narwhal, Lion, Butterfly, Ice Cream
Skip Hop Spark Style Trendy School Bags, Durable Soccer/Football, Rainbow
Trunki ToddlePak Backpacks Fun Designs, Safe for Kids Una the Unicorn, Cassie Cat
Trunki Ride-on Luggage Rideable, Durable, Multi-purpose Harley Ladybug, Terrance

Their rucksacks are top sellers for a good reason. They offer cool school bags that kids and parents love.

The HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack is another great choice. It’s loved for its clever features that keep kids safe and parents worry-free.

Price Range for Bulk Kids Backpacks

The Malaysian wholesale market is full of kids’ backpacks. They come in different price ranges to fit any budget. This part looks at the prices for affordable rucksacks, special offers on backpacks, and top-quality school bags.

Affordable Options

Looking for a budget backpack? Malaysia has many choices. You can find them between $5 and $15. Despite the low price, they’re made from strong polyester. They have comfy padded straps and adjustable chest clips. You can get fun designs like Avengers or Disney Princesses for about $9.25 each when bought in bulk.

Mid-Range Selections

In the mid-range, there’s a sweet spot between price and quality. For example, Skip Hop’s Spark Style Big Kid Backpacks offer great value. They have cool designs and are known for their durability. These favourites among schools in Malaysia are both budget-friendly and top-quality.

Premium Collections

At the top end are the premium collections. Take the Skip Hop Main Frame Wide Open Backpack, for instance. It’s packed with features and quality, selling at RM389.00. These school backpacks are top-notch, lasting through a whole school year. Charities and organisations find these special offers for reliable school supplies perfect for their needs.

Price Range Key Features Examples
$5 – $15 Padded straps, adjustable chest clips, durable polyester Character-themed backpacks: Avengers, Disney Princesses
$15 – $50 Trendy patterns, balanced functionality, ergonomic design Skip Hop Spark Style Big Kid Backpacks
Above $50 Premium materials, superior build quality, extensive features Skip Hop Main Frame Wide Open Backpack

Where to Buy Wholesale Kids Backpacks in Malaysia

Looking to buy a lot of school bags in Malaysia? You’ve got plenty of choices. From online sites to stores that focus on educational items, you’ll find many places. Children’s backpack suppliers have big ranges that meet different needs. Ubuy is a top online site where you can find lots of backpacks for kids in bulk. Or, you can get in touch with brands directly for wholesale inquiries for good prices.

Here’s a quick look at some important numbers for buying kids’ backpacks in Malaysia:

Specification Details
Number of Products Available 0
Material Nylon
Weight 0.108 kg
Dimensions 15.00 x 2.00 x 18.00 cm
Estimated Shipping Time 1-2 days
Ready Stock Availability Yes
Seller Location Malaysia
Shipping Providers J&T, Pos Laju
Shipping Frequency Every day (Mon-Sun)
Order Processing Time Orders placed before 2 pm shipped the same day
Units Available for Wholesale 169
Price per Unit RM 5.29
Number of Colours Available Red, Pink, Yellow, Black, Green, Blue
Warranty No warranty

Also, local stores that focus on educational items offer good bulk purchase deals. Buying from these educational retailers helps you get good quality and service. There are extras like quick shipping info and good customer service from local sellers. This makes buying enjoyable and worry-free.

Features to Look for in Children’s Rucksacks

Choosing a backpack for kids involves looking at several important features. Think about durability and safety. Also, styles should meet the child’s taste while being functional.


It’s key to pick a backpack that can handle daily use at school. Look for materials like 600d polyester. It lasts long and can keep up with an active school year.

Design and Aesthetic

A backpack’s look can affect how much a child likes it. Choose vibrant colours or fun prints. In Malaysia, you’ll find many options with 30% being classics and 20% being book bags. For more variety, look for 60:40 ratios of rugged camo to character themes like Spiderman.

Safety Features

It’s important that backpacks are safe for children. They should have features like reflective strips and comfy straps. The HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack goes further by including location tracking. This gives parents peace of mind.

Feature Details
Fabric 600d Polyester
Design Options Classic, Rugged Camouflage, Licensed Characters
Safety Reflective Strips, Ergonomic Straps, Secure Closures
Special Features Location Tracking (HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack)

By looking at durability, safety, and design, parents and schools can choose well. They ensure kids get the best mix of style, safety, and quality gear for school.

Advantages of Buying From Reputable Suppliers

Getting backpacks from trusted backpack manufacturers has big pluses for buyers in Malaysia. These makers vouch for top-notch quality. They always live up to certain standards. Skip Hop and Trunki are good examples. They make sure their items fit safety rules and quality marks.

Reliable bulk suppliers also give top-notch customer care. They quickly handle any issues. They back you up when you make big buys. This kind of help builds trust, key for big purchases.

Products from known brands always stick to high quality and safety rules. This makes them perfect for schools. Buying in bulk saves schools money. They can stick to a budget and still get top backpacks for students.

Benefit Reason
Warranties Ensures product longevity and satisfaction
Customer Service Efficient support and resolution of queries
Quality Assurance Consistent standards and safety adherence
Cost-Effectiveness Allows effective budget management
Brand Recognition Trust in well-known brands like Skip Hop and Trunki

Working with trusted backpack manufacturers benefits schools and shops in Malaysia. It means getting dependable, top-quality goods. This builds a good name and keeps customers happy. Having reliable bulk suppliers means having a constant stream of quality, durable backpacks. They match what students and schools need.

The Role of Backpacks in Enhancing Student Experience

Backpacks are key to making students’ lives better. A good backpack means students stay comfy and keep things organised. It’s vital they fit well to avoid hurting students’ backs.

Ergonomic backpacks lower the chance of back pains. Students wear them a lot. Backpacks with many pockets make life easier for students. They help kids find what they need fast, making studying better.

The market has backpacks for different uses. For example:

  • Nylon daypacks are light for the outdoors.
  • Hiking packs have water pockets and are tough.
  • There are also stylish backpacks for work or everyday use.

Schools can even put their name on backpacks they buy in bulk. This turns them into adverts for the school. Buying many at once can save money, especially if they all look special.

Stores can prepare for going back to school with good, cheap, long-lasting bags. Companies that help people travel also like backpacks. They want ones with laptop slots and room for other travel things.

Feature Benefits
Ergonomic Design Lessens back issue risks, better student comfort
Multiple Compartments Keeps school life organised
Customisation Options Boosts marketing with logos and branding
Affordable Bulk Purchases Helps save money on large orders
Specialised Designs Meets needs of hikers, workers, and students

The HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack offers peace of mind to parents. It lets you track your child wherever they go. This makes parents feel safer.

Stay Updated with Trends in Kids Backpacks

It’s key for shops and schools to follow the latest backpack styles. Children want bags that are cool and safe. The HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack is a great example of new tech in kids’ bags.

This smart bag is a game-changer for parents. It lets them keep track of their kids’ whereabouts. It’s perfect for mums and dads wanting the best for their child’s safety.

Walking with children’s fashion trends means we keep an eye on how styles change. Our team loves to find new materials and ways of making a bag special. We’ve been at it for 11 years, adding cool stuff like bags with fun characters or with the environment in mind. This keeps our bags popular with both kids and their parents.

Let’s share some impressive stats about our dedication to top-notch bags:

Feature Detail
In-stock Products More than 90% available
Average Production Time 7-15 working days
Production Capacity 300,000 bags per month
Quality Control Strict, from material selection to packaging
Experience Over 11 years in the industry

Our factory backs its great prices with fast delivery. This comes from being in an area where labour is cheap. The result is customers getting good deals on bags that are unique and well made. Suppliers love how we make it easy for them to please their customer’s desire for trendy bags.


Investing in children’s education goes beyond lessons and books. It includes giving them quality backpacks. By choosing wholesale backpack essentials, schools and stores in Malaysia save money. They also make sure students have strong, safe bags for their books. Good suppliers offer to make custom backpacks that fit every need.

Getting these backpacks is easy. You can get a sample in 5 days and the full order in 25-40 days after paying. They ship everything in secure packaging. And if you visit their factory, you will build a strong, lasting relationship based on trust.

In the market, kids’ likes and safety come first. The HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack, for example, is great for parents wanting to keep their kids safe. With the right suppliers, schools and shops can help make schools safer and more organised. So, buying strong, good-looking backpacks is really about helping kids grow in every way.


Why should schools in Malaysia consider purchasing wholesale kids backpacks?

Purchasing wholesale kids backpacks helps schools save money. This way, they can give every student a quality backpack while staying on budget. Buying in bulk also means they get the same good quality for each pack.

What are some popular brands available in the Malaysian wholesale market for children’s backpacks?

Skip Hop and Trunki are top brands known for their strong, safe, and fun designs. They make backpacks that kids and parents love because they feature popular themes and characters.

What price ranges can institutions expect for bulk kids’ backpacks in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, schools can find backpacks in various price ranges. For example, the Skip Hop Zoo series is affordable at around RM109.00. For something mid-range, there’s the Skip Hop Spark Style Big Kid Backpacks. And at the high end, you have options like the Skip Hop Main Frame Wide Open Backpack, which can cost up to RM389.00.

Where can wholesale kids backpacks be purchased in Malaysia?

You can find wholesale kids’ backpacks all over Malaysia. Look on online platforms like Ubuy or at local stores, especially in Kuala Lumpur. Schools and retailers can also get in touch with brands directly for bulk orders.

What features should be considered when selecting children’s rucksacks?

When choosing a children’s backpack, focus on its strength, looks, and how safe it is. It should be tough and last a long time. Kids are more likely to carry their bags if they like how they look. Make sure the backpack is safe, with features like reflective strips and comfortable straps.

What are the advantages of buying from reputable suppliers?

Buying from trusted sellers means you can count on the quality and any promises they make. They often offer guarantees and good service. Plus, products from well-known brands like Skip Hop and Trunki are carefully made, following high safety and quality rules.

How do backpacks contribute to the student experience?

Backpacks can significantly improve how students feel about school. They help keep things organised and are easy to carry. A well-designed backpack also means fewer worries about back pains and more time for schoolwork.

How can schools and retailers stay updated with trends in kids backpacks?

To stay in the loop, keep an eye out for new backpacks with the latest features. It’s always good to see what’s new, like the HUGGER Anti-Loss Backpack. This kind of innovation keeps both the kids and their parents happy.
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